Services & Personal Development​​

At Boss Babe Golf Club we have created a successful system of programs and resources to help you reach your limitless financial potential.  We believe in empowering women through gender equality and networking with like minded individuals who are willing to advocate our cause. We have everything you need to become an excellent and efficient leader as well as a savvy businesswoman. Take the time to browse through our self improvement tools, upcoming events, training bootcamps, and educational services to get the most from your exclusive membership benefits. 

Leadership & Development

At #BossBabeGolfClub, we believe in cultivating great leaders through leadership development. Join our #MembersONLY golf club ⛳ We can teach you the skills necessary for success in a man's world! #BossBabe

Etiquette & Golf Education

Don't know how to play golf? That's okay 💚💖 Our professional golf coach & friend Shella Sylla can teach you through her SisterGolf lessons ⛳ 

Learn more about Shella at 🍸#BossBabeGolfClub  #GirlPOWER

Closing Deals on The Green

Have you ever dreamed of finding fun, luxurious, and creative ways to Close Deals In Heels? Now you can Close Deals on the Green as well and #BossBabeGolfClub will schedule everything for you to make it happen.

Join the Boss Babe Academy

Join the fastest growing network of Ambitious Millenial Women. 

Boss Babe Academy works in partnership with Boss Babe Golf Club to maximize your growth potential.  Click on the hashtag below and begin your journey to becoming your greatest self!